Cold Plunge Tank

This is a great, affordable way to have a cold plunge of your own.  

Most commercial cold plunges are very expensive and require a lot of setup. This stock tank is very affordable and easy to use.  

It's not optimal to use during the summer since it's only a tub with no cooling system. Still, if you live somewhere that gets colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use it! 

In most of my videos, I have ice, and I use it all winter long but by no means does the water need to be that cold. 60 degrees is the ceiling for getting the benefits of cold water therapy.  

150 Gallon Tank

This is what I use in most of my videos and prefer the 150g tank over the 100g tank.

100 Gallon - Great Alternative

I have this one as well and if you prefer to use less water, this is a great alternative.

Sleep Aid Supplements

I'm a huge advocate of getting a great night of sleep.

Nothing stifles your performance like a crappy night of sleep. 

My sleep is dialed in, and I rarely need to use supplements.  

Every now and then, I'll get a situation that stresses me out to the point that it starts to affect my sleep. That's when I use these supplements. It helps me get back into the rhythm of sleeping well to perform at my best.

Every day Supplements

According to the latest science, there are certain things that can increase your immune system and overall cell function.  

I take the following supplements on a daily basis because I understand it helps me feel and operate at my absolute best.   
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